Breakdowns and Troubleshooting

Understanding the failure of an appliance is the prerequisite to any repair attempt. And if you have decided to try and repair your home appliance yourself, we can only be supportive! It will always be more economical than calling a repairman! But to extnd the life of your washing machine, fridge or electric oven, you need first to understand what is happening to it! There is however no need to rush to replace a spare part without being sure that it is responsible for the malfunction! Put all your senses on alert to observe your domestic appliance. Make a careful note of all the symptoms of a breakdown: unusual noise, disruption, leakage, abnormal behaviour, fault code, etc. Then, locate the item corresponding to the symptoms of your appliance's failure. Now all you have to do is follow the instructions to check the different components! You will start with general checks (power supply, proper installation) and then test more technical spare parts. Sometimes you will need to use a multimeter tester, the essential tool for self-repair! Once the defective part has been identified, you can order it with complete peace of mind in our online store. As we are never safe from a diagnostic error, you will have up to 30 days to return the part to us. Avoid this by contacting our teams in case of any doubt: they will guide you in the repair of your equipment. Moreover, in many cases, the repair will not require any spare part. A simple maintenance will be enough to get your equipment back on its feet without having to spend a cent! If the repair requires replacing a component, visit our virtual workshop or our YouTube channel! There you will find instructional tutorials to learn how to disassemble, replace the part and then reassemble your device.

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