Bread Maker

Which sign of malfunctioning do you notice on your bread maker?

Is your bread maker acting up and is your local bakery closed for the holidays? No choice but to repair it as soon as possible! To do this, make the right diagnosis of the breakdown with our online tool. Take a look at your bread maker and note what's wrong: the machine won't start, it's become very noisy, or the bread isn't properly baked. These clues will help you to diagnose the problem correctly by checking the possible causes of the malfunction. If you still don't understand what is wrong, contact one of our technical experts. By phone or by leaving a comment at the bottom of the article, our repair expert will be able to guide you. You can then confidently purchase the right replacement part to repair your appliance! A working motor, a power cord, or simply a new accessory. You will be able to bake beautiful, crispy loaves for the whole family again!

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