Coffee Maker & Espresso

Is your espresso machine not a morning person either? It is struggling to serve you a good coffee to start your day on the right foot! You don't want to run out and buy a new one! You want to repair it yourself, and that's a good thing! Don't skip the first step: record in the coffee grounds all the unusual signals you observe on your machine. The coffee machine leaks, the Nespresso doesn't turn on, the coffee doesn't flow or is cold, etc. These symptoms will allow you to choose the right diagnosis to test the different parts of the coffee machine. Once the faulty part has been identified, you can order a replacement part to repair the machine. If you are not sure of your verdict, decide to call a friend ... a technician from SOS Accessory! He will be able to guide you in troubleshooting your machine. You can also leave a comment below the article or book a video for a live consultation! Last step! Find the right tutorial to install the new spare part by visiting our virtual workshop. You'll also find tips on how to avoid the next coffee run out!

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