Vacuum Cleaner

Is your vacuum struggling to pick up the dust that litter your floor? Has it become very noisy? To repair your cleaning appliance yourself, start by identifying which component is responsible for the malfunction. Depending on whether your canister vacuum smells hot or your upright vacuum no longer hoovers properly, you will need to check various spare parts: filters, motor, power cable, electronic board, etc. By choosing the diagnosis corresponding to the fault symptom, you will be sure to make the right checks. If, despite everything, you do not understand the breakdown, trust our technicians who will be happy to help you find the origin of the problem. They are at your disposal by email or telephone, but also via social networks. Then, you can order the right spare part to repair your hoover with complete peace of mind. Our repair tutorials are designed to help you replace the part or perform the maintenance. So, on your marks, get set? Repair!

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