Air Conditioner

It's so hot and your air conditioner just waits for the heat wave to break down! Take out your fan to focus on the signals sent by your appliance: it is leaking, the air conditioner is noisy, or the air conditioner is not cooling enough. Then select the correct diagnosis, which will direct you to the parts that need to be checked: filter, turbine, condensate tray, air circuit, etc. Most faults can be repaired. However, any work on the refrigeration system should be carried out by an approved professional. If in doubt about the cause of the malfunction, contact our technical team, who will be able to advise you. By e-mail or telephone, they will help you repair your equipment. All you have to do is reserve the right spare part on our website! Whether it's a sensor, a pump, a fan motor or a new thermostat, we have the right spare part for your air conditioner! Our repair tutorials will then help you to replace the defective part to extend the life of your air conditioning unit.

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