Your Washing Machine Is Not Rinsing Properly or Draining

The various phases of a washing machine take place as follows: Selection of the right programme – Washing – Rinsing and spinning Rinsing is therefore the last stage your appliance rungs before spinnng. The aim of rinsing is to remove all the washing products (washing powder, stain removers, fabric whiteners, etc.) from the fibres of your laundry. You've noticed that your washing machine has issues with rinsing and there is quite a lot of residue left on your laundry? Use this to identify which elements in your washing machine could be causing a rinsing issue.


Before you do anything to your appliance, make sure you disconnect it from the power supply.
There is a risk of electric shock.
Wear suitable protective gloves if you need to dismantle anything. There is a risk of getting cut or injured

The drain filter is full of dirt or damaged

The drain filter is full of dirt or damaged Drain filters help prevent the worst catastrophes that can happen to your machine because they allow you to take out any small objects that could get into the drain pump impeller. When you forget to empty the pockets on your clothes, it can often happen that coins or other bits and bots start partially clogging up the filter, which will greatly impede the water from draining properly out of the drum. You must therefore check the condition of this part. The drain filter is usually to be found on the front of your washing machine, right at the bottom. Unscrew the cap and clean the filter (after you've placed an absorbent cloth on the floor!) If it's damaged, replace it as soon as possible to avoid damaging the drain pump.

The drain hose is full of dirt

The drain hose is full of dirt Laundry can also end up wet due to excessive hastiness on your own part. If you open the door immediately after the programme ends, the sudden thermal shock can actually cause the steam present inside to recondense and leave a layer of moisture on your laundry. If you have enough time available, wait ten minutes before opening the door at the end of the wash programme.

The drain pump is full of dirt or damaged

The drain pump is full of dirt or damaged Objects, dirt or lint can also clog up your drain pump pretty successfully. If the drain pump's impellers are clogged, water will no longer drain properly. In such cases, large amounts of water remain in the tub. During the first phase of the cycle, the pump is already failing to drain the water that is full of washing powder. Due to this, rinsing isn't effective since the water in the tub stays dirty until the end of the programme. It can happen that the pump is simply full of dirt, but it could also be damaged or out of order. Check the condition of the pump. If it isn't clogged but is shuddering and not draining, you need to replace it.

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