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All spare parts Charger, Mains adapter Vacuum cleaner

Electric charger

Ref : RS-RH5664

Brands : ROWENTA
Electric charger for ROWENTA vacuum cleaner
In stock


£ 13.40

Charger, adapter, power supply

Ref : SS-2230002365

Brands : ROWENTA
Charger, adapter, power supply for ROWENTA Vacuum cleaner
In stock


£ 10.80

Power charger

Ref : SS-2230002364

Brands : ROWENTA
Power charger for ROWENTA Vacuum cleaner
In stock


£ 10.50

Power supply

Ref : RS-2230001451

Power supply for MOULINEX, ROWENTA Vacuum cleaner
In stock


£ 10.00

Power adaptor

Ref : RH4901, RS-RH4901

Brands : ROWENTA
Power adaptor for ROWENTA vacuum cleaners
In stock


£ 8.00

Power charger AIRFORCE 18/24V

Ref : RS-RH5277, RS-RH4902

Brands : ROWENTA
Power charger AIRFORCE 18/24V for ROWENTA vacuum cleaners
In stock


£ 12.90

Original Adapter, Charger

Ref : DJ44-00007C

Brands : SAMSUNG
Original Adapter, Charger for SAMSUNG Vacuum cleaner
In stock


£ 49.10

Power charger

Ref : 48021592

Power charger for HOOVER vacuum cleaner


£ 21.70


Ref : 9178017751, 9178023831

Brands : BEKO
Charger for BEKO Vacuum cleaner
In stock


£ 27.00

18/24V charger

Ref : RS-RH5653

Brands : ROWENTA
18/24V charger for ROWENTA vacuum cleaner
In stock


£ 13.60

Power charger

Ref : 917530-03, 917530-10

Power charger for DYSON Vacuum cleaner
In stock


£ 1.80

Original 21.6V power adapter

Ref : 4055453171

Brands : TORNADO,...
Original 21.6V power adapter for TORNADO, ELECTROLUX, AEG Vacuum cleaner
In stock


£ 16.50

The vacuum cleaner has become an essential household equipment in our homes. However, for it to function optimally, it is crucial to have a suitable charger. An inappropriate or defective charger can cause performance problems, or even damage the electrical appliance itself. That is why choosing the right charger for your vacuum cleaner is as crucial as choosing the perfect spare part for any device.

What types of vacuum cleaners require a charger?

There are different types of vacuum cleaners, and among them, several require a charger:
- Stick vacuums: Becoming more and more popular due to their practicality, these cordless vacuums require a vacuum power adapter to recharge,
- Robot vacuums: These technological gems automatically clean your floors. A charging station is necessary to keep them running,
- Handheld vacuums: Ideal for small spaces or occasional use, they also require a charging means,
- Car vacuums: Specially designed for vehicles, they often use a specific adapter or charger.

How to recognize a defective vacuum cleaner charger?

It is common for the vacuum cleaner charger to show signs of weakness after a long period of use. How can you identify them?

- The battery life of your vacuum cleaner is significantly reduced, even after a full charge,
- The charger cable shows visible signs of wear or damage,
- The vacuum power adapter abnormally heats up during the charging process,
- The charging station fails to hold the vacuum cleaner in place or does not trigger the recharge.

Where to find the perfect vacuum cleaner charger as a spare part?

When looking for a spare part for your household equipment, it is essential to turn to a specialist. SOS Parts is the perfect place to find a quality vacuum power adapter or any other necessary part for your electrical appliance. With a complete range to meet all your needs, you are sure to find the charger suitable for your vacuum cleaner.

Having the right charger for your vacuum cleaner is vital to ensure its longevity and performance. Whether it's a charging station for a robot vacuum or an adapter for a stick vacuum, every part counts. Do not let a defective or inappropriate charger reduce the lifespan of your precious electrical appliance. Visit today and order the ideal charger for your vacuum cleaner, guaranteeing years of trouble-free use.

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