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Steam Irons / Steam Generator Irons KENWOOD


Water tank for KENWOOD steam irons The water tank stores the water for your appliance. It is generally preferable to fill the tank with demineralised water. This part is essential to the machine: this tank will supply water to a pressurised tank, which will in turn make the iron work. Usually detachable, the tank provides unlimited autonomy when performing the dreaded chore of ironing, as it can be re-filled during use (without having to switch off the appliance). Its task is thus to store the water until such a time as it is pumped and converted into steam! The tank may rust, leak or indeed become damaged. If this is the case, it will need to be replaced. If water leaks from the tank, it will undoubtedly have a split or hole in it. Check whether this is the case by removing the tank if it is detachable, or examine it directly. If the leak is the result of damage suffered by the tank, replace it. Note: water can also leak from the tank because it is overfilled. Generally speaking, a maximum level indicator will enable the monitoring of the water level. If the quantity of water inside the tank exceeds this threshold, empty some of the water!

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