Water Is Leaking From Your Fridge

Have you found a pool of water on the floor under or around your refrigerator? Does the water seem to be coming from the fridge itself somewhere? Here we explain to you what might be making your appliance leak so you can resolve the problem and stop it from happening.


Before you do anything to your appliance, make sure you disconnect it from the power supply.
There is a risk of electric shock.

Fruits and vegetables left uncovered

Fruits and vegetables left uncovered Fruits and vegetables are composed of around 80% water on average. If you place them uncovered in your refrigerator rather than in the drawers, they will produce condensation. Once this condensation has built up, it will begin to drip. We therefore recommend you cover any fruits, vegetables or liquids you store in your fridge.

The drain hole is blocked

The drain hole is blocked Towards the bottom of your fridge's interior back wall there will be a small gutter. Over time, debris can accumulate here and end up blocking the drain. This causes the water to overflow and drip inside your fridge. We recommend cleaning both the gutter and its drain with warm water. Additionally, use a piece of metal wire or something similar to remove any blockages if necessary.

The non-return valve is blocked

The non-return valve is blocked At back of refrigerators, between the compressor drip pan and the fridge body, there is very often a rubber flap. If this is dirty or blocked, the water will end up overflowing inside your fridge. We recommend cleaning this part and replacing it if it's damaged.

The drip pan on the compressor is damaged

The drip pan on the compressor is damaged If you notice water leaking from the back of your fridge, it may be coming from the drip pan, which sits just above the compressor. If this drip pan is broken or not properly fixed in place, etc., the water may end up dripping or trickling onto the floor. Therefore, check the pan's condition, clean it out, and replace it if necessary.

The thermostat is faulty

frigo-lumiere-ou-thermostat The thermostat on your refrigerator could be malfunctioning in some way and making the appliance's cooling mechanism operate excessively. This will lead to the fridge becoming too cold, causing the gutter to freeze and overflow with trickling water. There may also be excessive frost build-up on the back wall. This may cause the gutter and the drip pan to overflow when the fridge automatically defrosts. To resolve this issue, first try adjusting the thermostat and checking that the temperature is at the right level with the help of a thermometer (it should be between 2°C and 6°C). If you find ice in the gutter, clean both the drain channel itself and the hole. If the thermostat continues failing to regulate the temperature properly, you will need to replace it.

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The door seal is worn

The door seal is worn If the refrigerator's door seal is twisted or damaged in any way, warm air will find its way inside and indirectly cause frost to build up. This frost will then melt, which can lead to a small pool of water forming beneath the freezer compartment door (on a fridge-freezer). Check the condition of the seal: if it's too badly damaged, you will need to replace it.

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