The multifunctional food processor is noisy

Mixer, chopper, blender, cooker, press... the multifunctional food processor helps you cook great meals on a daily basis! Its various capabilities really save time (and effort!). While it is still efficient, you have been noticing for some time that your food processot is getting louder and louder. These unusual sounds can come from several sources. With the help of this article, you will be able to identify the cause of this issue.


Before carrying out any work on your appliance, be absolutely sure that you first completely disconnect it from the mains electricity supply.
Risk of electric shock.
Wear protective gloves if you need to disassemble the appliance
Risk of cuts and abrasions.

The motor gears are worn or broken

The motor gears are worn or broken.The first cause that can make your unit noisy is the wear of the gears and bearings of its motor.To verify that the the motor gears and pinionsare involved, remove the toothed belt that drives the other gears and switch on the appliance. Caution: Some appliances do not have a belt but rather have mounted gears that come into direct contact with the pinion of the drive shaft. If the suspicious noise is heard when only the motor is running, then the motor is responsible. A professional will have to be brought in to deal with the problem. Dismantle and replace the motor or its gears.

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The drive gears or planetary block gears are worn

The drive gears or planetary block gears are worn.The term planetary block refers to the gear assembly that directly rotates the beaters or mixers. It is so called because it enables the fittings to perform a planetary movement, i.e. a rotation of the fittings on their axes while at the same time rotating around the bowl. If the motor gears are not the cause of the unusual noise, then the gears in the moving arm may be. They may generate abnormal noise due to being faulty, e.g. if teeth are broken or if they are excessively worn... To check whether the drive gears or planetary gears are responsible for the noise, turn them by hand after disconnecting them from the motor by removing the drive belt. After confirming that this is the cause of the problem, replace the parts or have them replaced by a professional.

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The drive gears or planetary block gears require lubrication

The drive gears or planetary block gears require lubrication.If wear of the gears is not the cause of your appliance being too noisy, it may be that the drive or planetary block gears simply require lubrication or greasing. For example, if the gears appear to be the cause of the noise, but these are not broken or worn, clean the parts and lubricate them with a special grease to fix the problem.

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