KAX971ME formerly A971 - Tagliatelle accessory Food processor - AWAT971A01

Food processor KENWOOD

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KAX971ME formerly A971 Tagliatelle accessory for KENWOOD food processors KENWOOD has replaced the AT971 and AWAT971 with the KAX971ME AW20011014 For consumers who own an old KENWOOD food processor (slow output in a bar shape), the following adapter will be required: https://www.sos-accessoire.com/adaptateur-robot-kat001me-robot-menager-kenwood-aw20011006-16730.html

Compatible references

Replaces the piece(s) AWAT971A1, KAX971ME, AWAT971001, AW20011014, AW20011031, AWAT971A01, KW670960, AWAX97100
Codes APE/NAF éligibles
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